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I hope that someone, somewhere, Googles “cute baby pictures” (as I have in the past, for reasons I’m not entirely sure of anymore) so that these might be seen by a wide audience. Because? Cute! These are, of course, pictures of Marcoda‘s little boy, Jonas.


So today is the last day of NaBloPoMo, thank god! What did I learn this month? That I have a very boring life. This is something that I always thought might be true, but it wasn’t entirely obvious until I had to blog every day for a whole month. Seriously. Yawn.

Yay December!


Noah has become master reader of the universe. On Thanksgiving, and again tonight, Dan and I played Trivial Pursuit with family members, and both nights Noah was our official question reader. It blows my mind how in such a short amount of time he went from sounding out short, simple words to being able to read anything with little thought. The kid’s smart. Very smart.

The kid’s also a smart ass and a mini-teenager, but oh god how that smart assed mini-teenager amuses me. And today he made all of my child-related dreams come true by wanting to wear his hair in a mohawk. I couldn’t agree fast enough.

Noah as Eddie Munster (not that he has any clue who Eddie Munster is):

Did I say long, wordy post? Frick, but I am so tired! Between Noah, Dan’s snoring and the cats I got no sleep Wednesday night, and because of the same, I got no sleep last night. And today’s…Friday? Yes. I got up very early and went to work, where I pointlessly wasted five hours of my life drinking coffee, nibbling on leftover appetizers, reading blogs and trying to stretch out what little work I had as long as possible with the other four people who actually went into work today. 

And yet, I can’t complain. Well, except for the tired bit, I suppose. But I do enjoy a nearly empty office, and I really (probably nearing a nerdy amount) enjoyed driving to and from work and not getting stuck in traffic. That alone made my day.

I also enjoyed lounging on the couch with Dan and Noah, eating leftovers and watching episodes of Gilmore Girls, season five on dvd, even though the whole Rory/Logan thing has me totally depressed now. (Because I’m a tool, you’ll remember.)

And, um, that’s all I have.

Dear Interweb,

I am currently overly tired, overly wired, overly caffienated, overly full and underly/overly wined. Happy Thanksgiving!

Is NaBloPoMoFo over yet? I’m ready for it to be over. But I’m not out yet! This is short, but I’ll make up for it with a long, wordy, poorly punctuated post tomorrow. Promise.

Wish you were here!



I made mashed potatoes, for I am Martha Frickin’ Stweart. Hear me roar! Is it normal to use this many dishes to make one batch of mashed potatoes?


(Not pictured: the red cutting board, the red-handled knife and the glass of red wine. The wine is not pictured as it was purely imaginary. Unfortunately.)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

So I realize in yesterday’s post I never said whether I actually liked the movie Twilight, mostly because I’m not sure whether I did or not. It was definitely amusing, but there is a chance this had something to do with the two glasses of wine I had right before going to the theater. Or maybe the movie was amusing. Who knows?

The surefire test as to whether one likes a particular movie is for one to see the movie multiple times. If one hasn’t attempted to drown oneself in a jumbo diet coke midway through the third screening, one just may have positive feelings for said movie. Will this movie stand up to the diet coke test? I’m curious to find out.

Yahoo! Avatars U.K. & Ireland

Lovely scenery. My mother lived in Washington for a bit before I was born and said it really is that beautiful and green. And that filled with vampires.

Decent casting, for the most part. For what Kristen Stewart was given as a character, I feel she did a lovely job as Bella, and I think Edward’s family was well-cast. The people playing Alice, Jasper, Emmet, Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle were great and I’d see the movie again just to see their performances. But the guy who was cast as Jacob and the fakey hair piece that was cast as his hair bugged me. Not who I would have cast for him (and it), but I wasn’t consulted. Unfortunately.

I apologize for the repetitiveness, but Alice and Jasper were awesome in general. They were exactly as I pictured them in the book, Alice especially, and I really wish the movie would have been about them instead. So much more interesting than wimpy Bella and melodramatic Edward and his melodramatic eye squinting. “My eyes, they are squinted! Because I’m heartbroken! Woe! Squint!”

I can’t begin to imagine seeing this movie without reading the book first and having any clue what was going on. Not that there was much going on, or more likely, there was much going but it wasn’t portrayed in the movie. There was too much unexplained emotion and too much unexplained action that only made sense if you already knew the story.

They really dragged the baseball scene out, and I’m ecstatic! Very cool scene, and Alice’s toe-pointing pitch made me giggle. Not surprising since, as I’ve already said, the Cullen siblings made the movie. Too bad Edward and Bella had to get in the way, with their lip quivering and their hair tossing and their tree jumping.

To sum up: WE NEED MORE ALICE/JASPER! Say it with me now: Awwwww…


I saw Twilight today, and I have so many things to say about this movie. Soooo many things…that will have to wait for tomorrow after I’ve decompressed a smidge.

Today was a lovely day, on so many levels. First, I actually dragged my butt out of bed at a reasonable time (ten, verses yesterday’s two pm). Then Dan and I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls (we’re working our way through the fifth season right now; god bless tv shows on dvd).

Dan, of course, had to watch the Vikings game then, (They won, apparently, which is good, I guess. Whatever.) so I went to fill the afternoon with some quality mommy-daughter time (in which my mother was the mommy and I was the daughter). It was very nice and included a new coat for me, cream cheese wantons, and many glasses of wine, on both of our parts. I enjoy drinking with my parents, perhaps a bit too much. Yet another reason to enjoy being 27; that’s just something that wouldn’t have flown when I was 16.

Dan then drove out and the three of us saw Twilight. Which brings us to tomorrow’s post…tomorrow.

For fun, photos:

My god, can you believe how teeny tiny Jonas looks here?

Today’s list of really awesome music that you should totally check out if you really like music is courtesy of Marcoda, as she made me a four-disc series of Really Awesome Music that I’ve listened to practically non-stop for the past week or so. Of the 63 really great songs, here is a mini-list of my absolute favorites:

  • Back to Black, Amy Winehouse
  • The Rat Within the Grain, Damien Rice
  • She Moves in Her Own Way, The Kooks
  • LDN, Lily Allen
  • Set Fire to the Third Bar, Snow Patrol
  • Wonderboy, Tenacious D
  • The World At Large, Modest Mouse
  • Fresh Feeling, The Eels
  • Maddening Shroud, Frou Frou
  • Everything’s Just Wonderful, Lily Allen
  • Rootless Tree, Damien Rice
  • Girlshapedlovedrug, Gomez
  • Stockholm Syndrome, Muse
  • Let Me Go, Cake
  • 9 Crimes, Damien Rice
  • Black Betty, Spiderbait
  • My Name is Jonas, Weezer (because I love me some Weezer and some Jonas)

When you have time, and I know you’ll have time for this eventually, check these out! Good stuff! I’m trying to listen to some of these right now, but Neo is laying in my lap (as usual) and thinks it’s super funny to keep pulling the earphones off my head. Wires! Fun! If you’re a cat…

Check These Out