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So much to say, no clue where to start, so here. Look at some photos I took this afternoon while I sort my thoughts.




My friends Dawn and Addie were nice enough to let me photograph them on Saturday, amidst our afternoon of shopping (I bought a new green sweater because I desperately needed yet another green sweater for some reason. In my defense, though, this one has pink stars on it, kind of like Lucky Charms.) and lunching and general girling.

Dawn, showing off her gorgeous engagement ring:

The adorably Addie, who was nice enough to humor me:

Dawn used to be a dancer:

Dawn and I are so cute (thanks to Addie for taking this one):

I guess pictures that I’m not in can be cute too. I guess. Whatever. Sigh.

Dawn and her crazy pup Allie:

My head is killing me. Please tell me it would be wrong to stay home tomorrow curled up on the couch watching 30 Rock rather than drag myself to work. Wrong, regardless of the evil, demonic germs eating away at my brain. Must go to work and do things. Work things. Fun.

Marcoda and I are at their* house, drinking piña coladas (Marcy and me) and a daquari (Marcoda), having just had an amazing dinner made by this guy** (minus the kid). In my pjs, about to start a hardcore Charmed marathon.

Kudos, Trent. Dinner was amazing!



Trying to figure out what to post; too tired. Here. Look at Jonas:

I spent most of today in a useless daze, trying to work and failing miserably. I fell asleep at my desk more than once, and I managed to drag one mindless project out all day. Well, I thought it was mindless; at one point (after half-sleeping at my desk) I realized most of what I had done was jibberish and had to be redone. Awesome productivity!

I ended up leaving work at four, so now I have to drag my butt out of bed early and go in at seven tomorrow. Also: awesome. And I left work to come home and sleep, but I ended up vaccuming my disgusting apartment instead. Now I’m watching Jersey Girl and eating hummus and broccoli.

Way too grumpy. Time to cheer up.



Ok, feeling much better now.

I should rename this blog “Things I Would Buy If I Had A Lot Of Money, But I Don’t So I Don’t. Sigh.”







1. Severus Snape action figure, still in box to preserve Snapey freshness.

2. Swinging frog clock. Doesn’t work, needs new batteries. Just like all of my clocks.

3. Empty box I use as a foot stool and kick when I’m annoyed. It’s very dented.

4. Fourth panel of this comic. I really want my own National Geographic Big Book of Kitty Pictures.

5. Second panel of this comic, because sometimes things are best expressed through improvisational theater.

6. Wilty plant I’ve managed to keep alive for five years.

7. Tiny figure that Marcoda and I have dubbed Andre. We occasionally hide him, ask “Where’s Andre?” and laugh.

8. Yes, those are Peeps. Yes, I love Peeps.

9. Kleenex box full of paper scraps. I am the queen of random and useless notes and lists.

10. Pilfered slinkey.

11. Mini-Dumbledore presides over my computer.

12. To Marcoda’s desk.

Tired. Thoughts going a million miles a minute. That’s the problem with this blog; so many thoughts, but this isn’t the place for them.

But it is the perfect place for m&ms.

I think tomorrow is the perfect day for a poofy dress and pink heels.

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