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To the person who found my site by Googling “I feel relieved torturing a hamster”, I hope there is a certain, particularly hot place for you in hell. And I hope you get the help you need before you become a psycho serial killer. Please try to avoid any head injuries. That is all.

On a much different note, I want to take this Photoshop class so badly that my hands are getting shaky. Really. It’s perfect, and even though it starts right around the same time as sister-in-law’s month-long wedding extravaganza, all of the class dates still work out. It’s perfect. PREFECT. Exactly the kind of class I’ve been looking for, covering exactly what I want to learn right now. Most classes I find (and I’ve spent a lot of time searching), either cover too much of what I already know before getting to this, or they don’t cover this at all. So I was thrilled to find this class!

But it’s $265, which is about $265 more than I can afford right now, since I’m going to need some money for this whole Michigan/Chicago trip we’re taking for Sister-in-law’s second wedding reception. So. That’s that.

On a related side note, I was playing around on Photoshop last night, and the one thing I really needed to do I couldn’t get to work. And it’s taught in this class. Oh, slap in the face. Sigh.


My sister-in-law’s wedding is in fifteen days (or so) and I’m still shoeless. I found a pair of really cute shoes on ebay, but I don’t think they’re strappy enough for this purpose. Plus the strap that goes behind the ankle (ankle-back strap?) is kind of wonky and doesn’t stay up. But they’re cute so I’m sure I’ll still wear them somewhere. Plus they were only five bucks, and the five-year-old in me LOVES the bows!


I am completely in love with these shoes (also ebay), but I have a feeling sister-in-law might be a tad…upset if I wore them to the wedding. But look how cute they are!

I think these might be the ones (also on, surprise, ebay). With shipping they’re only $22 or so, plus they’re quite pretty and will go nicely with the dress. Good. A decision made. Unless someone else wins them, in which case someone’s getting cut.

Happy third birthday, Miss J! In only fifteen years you can buy lottery tickets! But I suggest you don’t. Save your money for something cooler, like a jet pack or a dinosaur, or whatever cool things will be for sale fifteen years from now.


In other cute little person news, do you have any idea how hard it was to not steal this little guy? Oh my gosh, so hard! And the only reason I didn’t is because his mom has a black belt and could totally kick my ass three ways from Sunday. Bummer.

It’s been a long time since I’ve downloaded any music. It’s been a long time since I’ve even been on iTunes, since, until recently, we’ve been (sadly) internetless. But honey, I’m baaaaaak! Oh, I thought this day would never come! I’m starting out slowly, just downloading a few songs on iTunes, but soon I’ll be back to my former glory, back to finding tons of great stuff on eMusic and various other places. Ah, I feel alive again.

So how do I celebrate my rebirth into downloadom? By downloading four very popular songs, three of which have been on So You Think You Can Dance in the past two seasons (purely coincidental, that). But yum! Hello! Check ’em out.

Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love (I don’t care that this is played on KDWB all the time. I love it.)
One Republic, Apologize (Oh, you know you love this song, too.)
Paramour, Misery Business (So girly hardcore, but she has the prettiest voice!)
The Veronicas, Untouched (Makes me wanna jump! Jump!)

…over yonder.

They are officially the Cutest Family Ever.

(I love that the flower looks Photoshopped in–badly–but it was actually there. I did nothing to it.)

ps: the Bingmars believe in aliens.

Don’t you want to snarfel his nose? You know you do.

In dress news: Finally gathered the courage to try it on last night and, shockingly, the damn thing fit! It was a bit tight, which I’m going to (try to) take care of pre-wedding. With a diet or something. Also shocking was that the dress was made for someone with a 38DDD chest. I’m hardly flat chested, but I’m no 38DDD. So the dress will have to be altered. Damn. And yes, mustn’t forget shoes.

In baby shower news: What? I didn’t mention I was throwing a baby shower for Marcoda, who occasionally pushes little people out of her hoo-hoo? Well, I am, on Sunday. And herein sets the panic. I have scattered scraps of paper with notes written on them, I have bags of random things, I have some carefully created stuff. But do I have a plan? No. Methinks I may be too disorganized to throw a baby shower. This could be…interesting. (There’s my Minnesota Nice showing through.)

Boy news: Noah turns eight tomorrow!!! The kid is growing like a…fast growing thing of some sort.

Five-year-old Noah. Look how tiny he was!

Nearly eight-year-old Noah. Crazy, isn’t it? He seems to think so…


My sister-in-law’s wedding is coming up in, ok, time to break out the brain and do the math, 23 days. Wait, 23 days? Can that be right? Daaammmnnn…

I have an adorable reddish bridesmaid dress I need to fit into in 23 days. In public. Huh. So, the pizza and bag of dark chocolate m&ms that I had for lunch was my last for awhile. Easy enough to say now as my tummy has been recently sated, the needy bitch.

The bridesmaid dress is adorable. See? And it will look even cuter if I can zip the zipper the whole way up.

So I guess that’s that.

Next stop: Shoes. Oh yeah. I need to get appropriate bridesmaid shoes, too.


I have an idea! Rather than inundate you with not only a bunch of my photos, but  ohmygodeverysinglepicturetakenbymeever (tempting though that may be), I’ve started a new page on this blog. See up there, up near the top of the page, where it says “Home, About, Photo”? If you click on the bit that says “photo”, you’ll see a new photo posted every day. Well, most days. I’m lazy, unambitious, and become bored easily. And, because I enjoy taking photos so much, when I do get around to posting a new photo, it will one that I’ve taken within the past few days of posting.

I assure you, this is much more (ok, completely) for my own amusement. Posting photos on here is like crack. Crack, I tell you. I can’t stop!

Sometimes it takes a bit of contortion to get the perfect shot…

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