7/3/08 (taken 7/3 at abandoned building)


7/2/08 (Color is so over-rated.)


7/1/08 (This plant’s flowers look nearly black in real life. Very pretty.)


6.27.08 (Miss J is up to something…)


6.26.08 (Oh my god, I WANT this birdbath! I love you, Linders.)


6.25.08 (Slightly photoshopped, but the sky really was this amazing blue.)


6.24.08 (that sculpture garden never lets me down)


6/23/08 (taken 6.22, happy baby!)


6.20.08 (my favorite corner of the house)

6.19.08 (taken 6.14 at the Mpls Sculpture Garden)

6.18.08 (taken 6.14, Noah at the Mpls Sculpture Garden)


6.17.08 (taken 6.14 at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden)