Today’s list of really awesome music that you should totally check out if you really like music is courtesy of Marcoda, as she made me a four-disc series of Really Awesome Music that I’ve listened to practically non-stop for the past week or so. Of the 63 really great songs, here is a mini-list of my absolute favorites:

  • Back to Black, Amy Winehouse
  • The Rat Within the Grain, Damien Rice
  • She Moves in Her Own Way, The Kooks
  • LDN, Lily Allen
  • Set Fire to the Third Bar, Snow Patrol
  • Wonderboy, Tenacious D
  • The World At Large, Modest Mouse
  • Fresh Feeling, The Eels
  • Maddening Shroud, Frou Frou
  • Everything’s Just Wonderful, Lily Allen
  • Rootless Tree, Damien Rice
  • Girlshapedlovedrug, Gomez
  • Stockholm Syndrome, Muse
  • Let Me Go, Cake
  • 9 Crimes, Damien Rice
  • Black Betty, Spiderbait
  • My Name is Jonas, Weezer (because I love me some Weezer and some Jonas)

When you have time, and I know you’ll have time for this eventually, check these out! Good stuff! I’m trying to listen to some of these right now, but Neo is laying in my lap (as usual) and thinks it’s super funny to keep pulling the earphones off my head. Wires! Fun! If you’re a cat…