So I’m reading these “acclaimed”, “better than Harry Potter” (pffft) Twilight Series books by Stephanie Meyer, against my better judgment. First things first; they are NOT better than Harry Potter. They aren’t even in the same vein as Harry Potter. That’s like comparing one of those bodice-ripper romance novels that have Fabio on the cover to Romeo and Juliet. Sure, they both have romance, but there is no way to compare the two.

Second, when it comes to books I’m empathetic to a fault. Emotional books leave me shaken and completely disoriented. I forget where I am, I forget to breathe (kind of necessary, that). When I was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows I had to keep putting the book down and leaving the room because I was just too overwhelmed and was starting to feel a bit faint. (Hi. Can you say pathetic?)

So here I am, reading these underwhelming, mildly annoying books (I’m currently halfway through the second of the four) and I’m nearly hyperventilating. Good lord! It’s a book, and not necessarily a good one at that! This is nearly unbearable, especially since I’m at work right now. I really shouldn’t read during lunch, except that I was completely distracted all morning waiting for lunch so I could read. I keep reminding myself that all this stuff is happening to the (annoying) main character in the book, not to me. I’m fine. My heart isn’t broken, there is no unrequitted love in my life. Everything’s good.

It’s not working. Can you say delusional disorder? I can.

Can’t form any more words. Too shaky and disoriented. How the hell am I going to deal with four more hours of work? Someone tell me this, please.

It’s going to be a long day.