Did I say long, wordy post? Frick, but I am so tired! Between Noah, Dan’s snoring and the cats I got no sleep Wednesday night, and because of the same, I got no sleep last night. And today’s…Friday? Yes. I got up very early and went to work, where I pointlessly wasted five hours of my life drinking coffee, nibbling on leftover appetizers, reading blogs and trying to stretch out what little work I had as long as possible with the other four people who actually went into work today. 

And yet, I can’t complain. Well, except for the tired bit, I suppose. But I do enjoy a nearly empty office, and I really (probably nearing a nerdy amount) enjoyed driving to and from work and not getting stuck in traffic. That alone made my day.

I also enjoyed lounging on the couch with Dan and Noah, eating leftovers and watching episodes of Gilmore Girls, season five on dvd, even though the whole Rory/Logan thing has me totally depressed now. (Because I’m a tool, you’ll remember.)

And, um, that’s all I have.