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Katherine Kersten is at it again.

KK, fine, I accept that the thought of this shocks and appalls you but please, if you’re going to judge an entire group of people at least give one reason why you think what they’re doing is wrong. One reason! Even if that reason is just your biased opinion, please do more than giving a description of what they’re doing and saying it’s wrong.

Do you think they’re corrupting innocent students? Wasting money? Destroying good leather? You included several quotes from club members concerning the club’s purpose, but you couldn’t match that with any quotes from students or faculty who are upset with the club. Your whole article outlines exactly why this club is good and has a purpose, but has absolutely nothing to back up your argument that the club is bad. Swell reporting there, KK.


Joe Montegna is my new lord and savior. I think I’m going to build a shrine to him in my dining room. And then I might be going to hell…

I’m sick. Physically, I mean. Some sort of horrible germ has taken residence in my lungs and is causing me pain and coughing and rasping and pain and pain. And coughing. Not ok.

On top of the pain and coughing there is also embarrassment. I somehow accidentally turned on Hannah Montana (I swear, it was an accident! I was flipping. Flipping!) and I can’t seem to change the channel. Not until the episode is over. Not until I have closure. I blame the germs.

 Cough. Rasp.

2007 has officially been over for, well, awhile now, but I wanted to wait a bit to make sure it was really, officially, completely over. It was quite the stressful year and those don’t go down without a fight.

 So let’s see. What happened last year?

Thanks to a completely inept landlord and a blowtorch the house we were renting caught on fire. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and stuck mostly to the bathroom and the attic, but it was stressful and traumatizing and resulted in us having to live in my parents-in-law’s basement for a month. Always fun for newlyweds, that is…


We bought a new house in St. Paul and have been in the process of fixing it up (it needed a LOT of help). We removed everything in the kitchen and rebuilt it from scratch. Look how productive we were!


Kitchen Before


Kitchen After

Kitchen After

We went to Duluth a few times, never when it was warm out. (I still have my doubts that Lake Superior ever thaws.)


And I finally made it to Canada for the first time ever. Canada is odd. But good!


Apparently I’m of the age where all of my friends are getting married because I attended/participated in several weddings (yay!!).


On a less happy note I had several car issues. Damn lack of dependable public transportation in Minnesota.


I bought a lovely new camera and took many, many pictures of myself in shiny objects.


And Noah officially became tired of people taking his picture. Poor kid. Not that I plan on stopping anytime soon…

noah yawning

May 2008 be much, much, much less interesting. The end.

It’s my birthday. I wish I was back here:

That’s a pretty lil’ picture I took in Canterbury, England. Alas, Minnesota just doesn’t compare in the cathedral department.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Jan. 16; from the Star Tribune).
A competitive spirit helps you win a prize in the next seven weeks. Stay modest and you’ll enjoy a bountiful spring. Longstanding relationship issues are solved in March. April brings fun social activity and travel. Family trees are extended and material possessions are acquired in September. October brings new business. Leo and Pisces adore you.

Since no one will (willingly, without being threatened) pose for me I’m forced to pose for myself. And believe you me, I am not a willing model.

 Oh, I started out cheerful enough. And I wore a hat because, well, sometimes I wear hats.

Wearing a hat

But then my hat and I got all up in your face.

What up?

So the hat and I decided to take a little break and give the hair a chance to shine. Look at all that hair! Where did it come from?

Fear the hair.

But then the hat and I became jealous of the hair and insisted on being photographed again. But we weren’t willing to smile. No, not after what the hair did to us.


It was all down hill from there.


But the camera is smart. Very smart, for not having a brain (or any other organs, for that matter) and knew when to call it quits. Good camera.

If anyone is nice enough to let me photograph them I promise not to make your photos look so Myspace-y. Really, I promise! And so does the hat.

A few nights ago I grabbed my camera and headed up to the St. Paul Cathedral (I love living in St. Paul; it’s such a photogenic city). I’m still trying to figure out whether the church was named for the saint or the city. Or both. I’m assuming the city is named for the saint, so even if it was named for the city it still was named after the saint. But since it’s a church…why am I still writing about this? I’m boring myself.

I didn’t have my tripod with me so unfortunately most of the pictures were blurry, but I did get some that worked.

As much as I dislike organized religion I absolutely adore churches. It’s a pity they don’t house something more interesting, such as kittens or, as Noah assumed some do, roller coasters.

I’d like to take more pictures of people, but humans are tricky. Unlike buildings and plants, people move. Without my permission! I know, what is this world coming to, right? When I try to photograph Noah he immediately strikes a ninja pose. True, he’s a great little ninja, but I need variety in my life. And this is where I lower myself to begging. Anyone want to pose for me? Pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeee…..? I’ll give you a dollar!

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