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  • I’m a hardcore blog addict. I love reading about other people’s lives; the more mundane and everyday the details, the happier I am to read them.
  • I’ve dyed my hair red for so many years that I think the chemicals have altered my DNA and have turned my hair kind of a natural light brownish-vaguely-reddish-type color. About six months ago I dyed my naturally icky dishwater blond hair light brownish-red and I still don’t have any noticeable roots, even though my hair has obviously grown in the past six months. I’ve become a mutant, my dream has come true!
  • I’m really, really right handed. The only things I can do with my left hand are light a cigarette lighter and snap my fingers (neither of which I can do well with my right hand).
  • I am absolutely horrible at explaining and teaching. I’ll be the first to admit it (although I’m sure that anyone who has ever had to “learn” something from me will gladly back me up). The main way I learn anything is by trial and error, and I rarely do anything the same way twice, so listening to me explain my process is frustrating for other people and makes me sound like a complete idiot. Especially when it comes to computers. I’m constantly clicking around and trying to customize and find new ways of doing things, so I have a lot of random knowledge when it comes to what can be done. I just don’t know how to explain the “how to do it” bit since I don’t have a concrete set of steps in my brain.
  • Even though I’ve always desperately wished that I had an accent, when I was in England and actually did have an accent compared to everyone around me I was so self-conscious of how I sounded that I could hardly talk without mumbling and blushing. Once, while waiting for a train, I had planned on buying coffee and a banana at a little food stand, but I was so freaked out by how I sounded saying banana that I just got the coffee. Damn banana.

Best Headline Ever

I drink a lot of coffee. A lot. Of coffee. I’ll fess up, it’s true. Luckily I don’t get headaches or anything if I don’t drink any sort of caffeine (lucky me) but unless I’m actually consuming coffee I tend to be…not awake. Zombie-ish, even. Hell, straight up comatose. And since I only drink coffee at work (except for the numerous Starbucks Doubleshots and frappuccinos that make my world go ’round) I go to bed very early. Like seven-year-old early. Or seventy-five-year-old early.  Not twenty-seven-year-old early. So…I’m weaning myself off the java. Again. Sigh.

 I thought I was doing a crappy job after my second cup today, until I realized that both times I only filled my cup up halfway, and both times I only drank half of it before the coffee got too cold and I poured it out. Which means I’ve only had half a cup of coffee today!

 Which means I AM AWESOME! So bow your ass down to me. I deserve it. Dammit.  

Dan and I drove a million and a half miles to the middle of absolutely freaking nowhere to watch Noah play in a hockey tournament this weekend. And I know you’re thinking what I was thinking: Good Photo Op! Yup.

I totally geeked out and learned a new Photoshop technique last night. I then spent all evening playing around on my laptop, pausing only to have a quick dinner of Lucky Charms (well, the Target brand, Magical Marshmellows, which is actually better than Lucky Charms). My life is good. 

 Things to keep in mind:

  1. I most certainly don’t write music reviews professionally.
  2. I could care less what you think…except for a select few of you….who actually read and comment on this blog. Damnit. Don’t hate me.
  3. I love music. I hope you love music too.

Bill Mike: Do yourself a favor; if you’re from the twin cities area…scratch that. If you’re from the US…no, if you’re an earthling, see Bill Mike. The whole band, although Bill Mike himself, acoustic, is amazing and totally worth seeing, but I’m talking about Bill Mike the band, is amazing. They play all the time, all over, so this isn’t a tough task for you to fulfill. I’ve seen Bill Mike many times, and every single time I was just blown away by how three guys (albeit talented beyond normal human limits) can make such awesome music. See them. Plus I’ve met Bill Mike himself, more than once and he is the most awesome, down to earth, amazing guy ever. Introduce yourself if you ever see them. Good stuff. Actually, if you ever plan on seeing Bill Mike, let me know. I’ll go with you.

Mel Gibson and the Pants: Oh, the thought makes me giggle. One hardcore hip hop type guy, backed by several nerdy, techy white guys on instruments, making AWESOME hip hop. Wow. I wish I was at a Mel Gibson and the Pants show right now. It’s just awesome. They’re another Twin Cities biggie, so seeing them won’t be tricky. Do it. And bring me with. Awesome hip hop plus hardcore instrumentals equals good. That’s all.

Digitata: Two of Mel Gibson and the Pants’ nerdy awesome instrumentalists, plus a female lead singer/keyboard player that completely makes me wish I was a lesbian. Dude. This is a band to see as a couple as you’re both going to be horny leaving the club. Hell, I’m horny just thinking about it.

The Redwalls: Just saw them live for the first time a couple of days ago and I’m still in awe. They’re playing in Champaign, IL in March, and I’m still trying to figure out how Dan and I can drive out there for the show. I’m in love. Actually I’m listening to them as I type this. Love. Hardcore love. Love. Man. Feck. The amazing music…the amazing…band…ness…dude. I have no words. This is why I don’t review music for a living. When I see a really great, awesome, amazing band I become speechless. Love. That’s all I can say. Now to get Dan and I to Chicago. Love. Feck.

Thunder In The Valley: Keeping with the love-the-band-so-much-I’m-speechless theme… Dude. Don’t think rednecks on motorbikes when you think of Minneapolis’s Thunder In The Valley. Think of badass…um…punk vaudeville. Yeah. Very well done. Amazing instrumentals. Thought provoking lyrics. I will never get tired of seeing them live. And it’s been awhile since I’ve seen them, which makes me sad, because dude.

The Redwalls: What? I already wrote about them? Well, this is what you get when I write about music while listening to the Redwalls. March. Chicago. Who’s with me?

Dessa: You’d never know it from reading this blog, or talking to me, or reading ANYTHING I’ve written, but I actually have a degree in creative writing from a “Prestigious Private University” (and will be paying for it for the REST OF MY FECKING LIFE)…(oh, remind me to post some of my “poetry” some day)…and thus love well-written lyrics. Dessa doubles as a bad-ass beat poet and her stuff stirs the soul. Cool hiphop, mingled with some of her spoken word poetry, it’s good stuff.

The Redwalls: Ok, admission time. I’ve just drank a bottle of wine and am writing this on my laptop to be uploaded to my blog at a later time, seeing as I don’t have internet at the moment at home. So here’s how honest my blog is; I’m writing this and will not edit it at all tomorrow before I upload (sure this seems like artistic integrity, but really it’s laziness). So, I love The Redwalls. And I dearly love my husband. And I dearly love my friends. See? A bottle of wine. I love the Redwalls. Sometime in March, who’s with me? We could roadtrip, and split the hotel bill so it won’t be very expensive. Anyone?

 Flickerstick: And not only because Brandin Lea looks just like a young Severus Snape. Fabulous live. That is all.

Chloroform The One That You Love by Flickerstick. Can’t stop listening to it, over and over and over. Luckily I have both the studio and the live version on my iPod, so if I switch it up I feel slightly less obsessive. See, it’s not the same exact song. Because the live one is better.

Can you even buy chloroform? Like at Target? Because I’m very impressionable and I’ve been listening to this song over and over and over…

Flickerstick has some of the best lyrics. Observe: “C’mon I’d like to buy the world a coke and lie here naked with my girl.” (From the song Coke.)


simpson jess

My dream has come true.

Dan and I packed up our numerous movies last night and put them in the basement, which I guess means we really and officially are putting our house on the market and buying a new one. And moving. Away from our house (since, if you sell your house, you can no longer live there). That’s right, we’re heading west.

I have mixed feelings about this. If it weren’t for the fact that I work out that way (an hour from where we’re currently living) I would never, ever have considered moving to the western suburbs. Never in a million years. A few years ago, if you’d told me I would eventually live out there I would have laughed my arse off. All of it. Gone. Poof. That area just holds NO appeal to me. My husband is from that area, plus his parents live out that way so he’s quite excited about it, but I’m not. And my parents live about as far east as you can get and still live in the Twin Cities, so the further west I move, the farther away from them I am.

I absolutely LOVE St. Paul and if it weren’t for this job (the things we do for our careers…) we’d stay in the area. Not necessarily in our current house; I’m ready for something new, but somewhere in St. Paul. Plus houses in St. Paul are considerably cheaper than they are in the west. And since we want to move to the suburbs (again, I’m surprising myself by saying that) I really prefer the St. Paul suburbs to the Minneapolis suburbs.

So, the thought of leaving St. Paul makes me tear up a bit, and the thought of living in the western part of the cities makes my skin CRAWL and mucus gather at the back of my throat, but I have a good job and I guess this is the sacrifice I’m going to have to make for it. That or go crazy from the hour-long commute. Although right now the commute doesn’t sound so bad compared to leaving this area, but if Dan and I have a baby anytime soon, I would much rather be at home with my family than spend two hours a day in the car away from my family. WHY couldn’t this company be more centrally located??? Or why couldn’t we have enough money that I could be a stay at home mom, in which case it would make more sense to stay in this area since our mortgage would be lower and I’d be closer to my parents. Curses. Straight up curses.

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