Lovely scenery. My mother lived in Washington for a bit before I was born and said it really is that beautiful and green. And that filled with vampires.

Decent casting, for the most part. For what Kristen Stewart was given as a character, I feel she did a lovely job as Bella, and I think Edward’s family was well-cast. The people playing Alice, Jasper, Emmet, Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle were great and I’d see the movie again just to see their performances. But the guy who was cast as Jacob and the fakey hair piece that was cast as his hair bugged me. Not who I would have cast for him (and it), but I wasn’t consulted. Unfortunately.

I apologize for the repetitiveness, but Alice and Jasper were awesome in general. They were exactly as I pictured them in the book, Alice especially, and I really wish the movie would have been about them instead. So much more interesting than wimpy Bella and melodramatic Edward and his melodramatic eye squinting. “My eyes, they are squinted! Because I’m heartbroken! Woe! Squint!”

I can’t begin to imagine seeing this movie without reading the book first and having any clue what was going on. Not that there was much going on, or more likely, there was much going but it wasn’t portrayed in the movie. There was too much unexplained emotion and too much unexplained action that only made sense if you already knew the story.

They really dragged the baseball scene out, and I’m ecstatic! Very cool scene, and Alice’s toe-pointing pitch made me giggle. Not surprising since, as I’ve already said, the Cullen siblings made the movie. Too bad Edward and Bella had to get in the way, with their lip quivering and their hair tossing and their tree jumping.

To sum up: WE NEED MORE ALICE/JASPER! Say it with me now: Awwwww…