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I’m working on a project with one of our Polish branches, who is working with a Korean customer in Slovenia (Wait, what?) at work today. You’ll have to excuse my American-centric point of view but until today I’ve given Slovenia very little thought. My apologies, good people of Slovenia! Your country looks quite lovely.


Well great, now I really must visit Slovenia. How on earth am I going to pull this off? Is it possible to convince my boss of my “absolutely necessary” Slovenian business trip?

Probably not…

On a related note, if you’re bored and like to travel check out Vagabondish. Good stuff!


Oh hi. Wait, what was that? I’m a drama queen? Me? Nooo. What a silly thing to say!

So here’s the deal. This week (month, year, etc…) has been one long crappy stressfest, culminating in the last two days, and finally into last night, when a certain ex of mine tried very hard to drive me completely crazy. I finally snapped, vented, cried, and went to bed. And now tonight I’ve finally decided to let it go. All of it. I’m done with this entire dramatic existence in which I’ve wrapped myself.

I’m convincing myself that everything will work out, everything will be fine. I’m choosing to make the widespread, ill-defined goal to focus more on that which makes me happy and less on the crazy and the stress. And hell, I’m going to smile! And listen to Pink’s So What repeatedly.

I just came back from an evening out with some wonderful friends, and the entire time I was stressed and annoyed with myself for being stressed and stressed with the fact that I was annoyed with myself.  Et cetera, et cetera. What a ridiculous way to spend an evening when I could have relaxed in the knowledge that everything will be ok and just enjoy myself. So! No more of that!

Tomorrow I’m going to Marcoda‘s house to make cake balls and hell, I’m going to wear a poofy dress and heels and pearls and a big, crazy-person smile (just to warn you, Marcoda…) because sometimes being  ridiculously girly makes me happy.

Also, I really want to buy this apron from Jessie Steele (Jessie Steele! Jessie! It’s fate and I totally need this apron!)


I had some inane post about something or other planned, but wow. I’m just…enough. I feel like I’m getting kicked in the head from every direction and I’m slipping further and further away from having any clue as to what’s going on in my life or who I am or who other people are. Today is just…bad.

So sure, it’s still light out, but I’m going to bed. I’ve had enough of today. And this month. And, well, this year. Wake me up when something happens.

Best comic involving temperature scales and public radio EVER.

I love you, Cowbirds in Love.

“To hell with reality! I want to die in music, not in reason or in prose. People don’t deserve the restraint we show by not going into delirium in front of them. To hell with them!”

-Louis-Ferdinand Celine

“If you don’t talk to me and set up a way to pay me the money you owe me, I’ll be by this weekend with the police to pick up Banjo.”

-Text From Crazy Ex

…is right here!



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My head is killing me. Please tell me it would be wrong to stay home tomorrow curled up on the couch watching 30 Rock rather than drag myself to work. Wrong, regardless of the evil, demonic germs eating away at my brain. Must go to work and do things. Work things. Fun.

How pathetic am I, spending all day curled up on the couch in my pajamas, sleeping and feeling like death. Luckily the reason for today’s pathetic exhibition is becoming more and more clear; I’m sick. I’m sick! I’m catching a cold, poor, poor me. Death! Destruction! A massive, ridiculous headache! Cursed germs. Thanks a ton, Marcy; I really appreciate the gorgeous pink chopstick set you gave me, but the cold? Not so much.

Now I’m going to drag my pathetic, germy butt off the couch and buy some cold medicine. Then I’m going to come home and watch Star Wars because there is nothing that makes my pathetic, germy soul feel better than some old fashioned geekery.

Edited to add: Forget Star Wars, I just discovered I can watch season two of Wizards of Waverly Place on my computer. Thank you, Netflix! (Huh, I’m not really sure why I decided to share that; now that I’m not living with an eight-year-old I’ve lost my excuse to watch this show. But apparently this isn’t enough to stop me.)

I was so excited for the end of  the month, the cursed, evil, never ending, kick you in the face month, partially because it meant the end of this ridiculous blogging every day for a month thing I voluntarily signed up for again. But here I am, sad that it ended (not that bastard, ass-hatted March ended, just my month of blogging ended), so here I am. Volunteering for this again. Why? Why? Why do I do this to myself? I’ll be weary of the whole thing by tomorrow, silly me.

So, another typical night of sprawling in my favorite location (living room floor), eating my favorite meal (hummus, broccoli and wine), watching one of my favorite movies (Chasing Amy), wearing one of my favorite outfits (poofy dress, how Donna Reed of me).

I have a brilliant idea involving my camera, Kinkos, a newly purchased notebook and pen, and a bit of nostalgia as a gift for my sister, but first this damn weather has to start damn cooperating so I can realize my brilliance. Dammit.

Just discovered Cowbirds in Love. Love it! Check it out!

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