The gauntlet has been thrown.

Says Marcoda: Take a picture of yourself right now (or right after) reading my blog then post it on yours!

Says I: I don’t want to. You’re not my mom! My hair looks weird. And…I’m grumpy. Whatever. Here.


Things to note:

1.) Yes,  I am wearing pink stripey socks and green shoes.

2.) The green thing growing out of my head is a green hoop earring. I am actually wearing two green hoop earrings because I’m not a pirate. Unfortunately. Arrr.

3.) I’m having a Really Bad Day.

4.) Apparently I flail my arms around when I’m having a Really Bad Day.

5.) My mouse isn’t really plugged into my monitor. That part is a lie.

6.) Man, the perspective in my office is messed up!

7.) This is what I’m actually looking at on my computer, and if I wasn’t having a Really Bad Day I’d be lauging. And I am, on the inside.