Oh hi. Wait, what was that? I’m a drama queen? Me? Nooo. What a silly thing to say!

So here’s the deal. This week (month, year, etc…) has been one long crappy stressfest, culminating in the last two days, and finally into last night, when a certain ex of mine tried very hard to drive me completely crazy. I finally snapped, vented, cried, and went to bed. And now tonight I’ve finally decided to let it go. All of it. I’m done with this entire dramatic existence in which I’ve wrapped myself.

I’m convincing myself that everything will work out, everything will be fine. I’m choosing to make the widespread, ill-defined goal to focus more on that which makes me happy and less on the crazy and the stress. And hell, I’m going to smile! And listen to Pink’s So What repeatedly.

I just came back from an evening out with some wonderful friends, and the entire time I was stressed and annoyed with myself for being stressed and stressed with the fact that I was annoyed with myself.  Et cetera, et cetera. What a ridiculous way to spend an evening when I could have relaxed in the knowledge that everything will be ok and just enjoy myself. So! No more of that!

Tomorrow I’m going to Marcoda‘s house to make cake balls and hell, I’m going to wear a poofy dress and heels and pearls and a big, crazy-person smile (just to warn you, Marcoda…) because sometimes being  ridiculously girly makes me happy.

Also, I really want to buy this apron from Jessie Steele (Jessie Steele! Jessie! It’s fate and I totally need this apron!)