I was so excited for the end of  the month, the cursed, evil, never ending, kick you in the face month, partially because it meant the end of this ridiculous blogging every day for a month thing I voluntarily signed up for again. But here I am, sad that it ended (not that bastard, ass-hatted March ended, just my month of blogging ended), so here I am. Volunteering for this again. Why? Why? Why do I do this to myself? I’ll be weary of the whole thing by tomorrow, silly me.

So, another typical night of sprawling in my favorite location (living room floor), eating my favorite meal (hummus, broccoli and wine), watching one of my favorite movies (Chasing Amy), wearing one of my favorite outfits (poofy dress, how Donna Reed of me).

I have a brilliant idea involving my camera, Kinkos, a newly purchased notebook and pen, and a bit of nostalgia as a gift for my sister, but first this damn weather has to start damn cooperating so I can realize my brilliance. Dammit.

Just discovered Cowbirds in Love. Love it! Check it out!