Many bloggers I read regularly spend time with introspection and self-analysis and use their blogs to sort their thoughts. These are things I’m really not good at, but I’m willing to give it a go.

In list form! (insert jazz hands)

1.) Yesterday I was making plans with two of my married lady friends and they both said “I have to check with the husband and see what we have planned” as they both usually do.  These two have such good relationships with great communication and it’s very impressive and cool. That wasn’t something Dan and I had. We were never a team like that, we were never on the same page. I couldn’t get him to talk to me before making a decision; rather he just announced, “This is what I’m doing, this is what we’re doing.” When I see a couple that really works (like Mr. and Mrs. Bingmar), that actually talks to each other and understands each other, it seems so foreign to me. Foreign, but really nice.

I’m trying hard to become more open and trusting, a person who is capable of having a relationship based on open communication and honesty. It’s not easy; I’m a very private and internal person. I avoid conflict. But I’m working on it.

2.) I have an unending love for: the mafia, steampunk jewelry, airports, driving late at night listening to loud music, fancy matching underthings, bridges, pink roses, Crate and Barrel, amusing computer games, original handmade art, Greg Benz’s photography.

3.) I really want to go somewhere. Let’s see, it’s Friday. I could hop in my car and be in Boulder sometime tomorrow, but I’d have to drive through Iowa and Nebraska. No. Chicago? Shorter drive, but I’ve been there many times. Ann Arbor? Lovely town but too many ex-in-laws. Ooh, I do love New Orleans, and I could probably be there by Saturday night, but I’d have to turn right around to make it back in time for…

Bloc Party!!! Woo! (I’m really looking forward to Monday.)

Ok, spending the weekend at home, probably sleeping. Blast. I have several people willing to let me take pictures of them (that sounds awkward if taken out of context) but when photographing people I prefer outdoor photography and natural light and the weather is not cooperating!

4.) I seem to have lost the self-analysis theme of this entry. Told you I wasn’t good at that kind of stuff.

5.) I have got to paint my bedroom soon. The white walls, the boxes of stuff sitting on the floor, it keeps me up at night. I prefer to be surrounded by beauty and order, which are two things that rarely go well together outside of home decor. Unfortunately I can’t afford paint right now so I might have to sleep in the living room. Or…kitchen?

6.) Last night, after a great night out with my friend Dawn, I discovered I prefer working out after drinking margaritas. I also discovered I fall over much more while working out after drinking  margaritas. Also discovered: it was easier to convince last night’s tipsy me to work out than than it is to convince tonight’s tired me. Especially after the two hour nap I took when I got home from work.

7.) Enough sharing. To bed!