1. Severus Snape action figure, still in box to preserve Snapey freshness.

2. Swinging frog clock. Doesn’t work, needs new batteries. Just like all of my clocks.

3. Empty box I use as a foot stool and kick when I’m annoyed. It’s very dented.

4. Fourth panel of this comic. I really want my own National Geographic Big Book of Kitty Pictures.

5. Second panel of this comic, because sometimes things are best expressed through improvisational theater.

6. Wilty plant I’ve managed to keep alive for five years.

7. Tiny figure that Marcoda and I have dubbed Andre. We occasionally hide him, ask “Where’s Andre?” and laugh.

8. Yes, those are Peeps. Yes, I love Peeps.

9. Kleenex box full of paper scraps. I am the queen of random and useless notes and lists.

10. Pilfered slinkey.

11. Mini-Dumbledore presides over my computer.

12. To Marcoda’s desk.