I’m babysitting for the adorable Jaden and Jonas right now. Pretty easy since they’re both asleep. Dude, I don’t know what parents are always complaining about; tonight was a breeze! (Oh my god, kidding! Kidding! Well, about the complaining bit; the kids really were awesome tonight.) Jaden was adorable and chatty, and we played many games of Surprise Party and her version of hide and seek. (“Ok, you go hide behind the couch. I’m going to count to ten and find you.”) Not only was she an absolute angel at bedtime, but she cranked up the cute, too.

Mr. Jonas had no intention of going to bed when he was supposed to, but rather decided to sit on the couch with me and grin and kick and growl and wave his arms around like a crazy, kicking tiger-bird. It was cute. It’s taking all of my will power to not wake him up and bring him out here with me. Must not do this! Fight the urge!

Now they’re both asleep and I’m going to read my zombie book. Jaden, Jonas and zombies; great night!