There is this nasty little disorder called sleep paralysis (which Wikipedia says isn’t actually a disorder unless “severe”, and Wikipedia can suck it, in my most humble of opinions), in which, more or less, a person’s brain wakes up before his/her body (sort of), leading to temporary paralysis and hallucinations. This fun little “disorder” is something I dealt with regularly when I was a teenager and, lucky me, again last night! What fun!

I had forgotten just how horrible it really is; absolutely terrifying, disorienting, and really, there isn’t anything a person can do about it, at least as far as I’ve found. There is a good reason people have tied it to alien abductions, evil spirits, being possessed…  I would always feel like someone evil was standing over me or hovering around my bed. I would hear noises and sense movement around me, and although it would only last a couple minutes it felt like an eternity.

It’s most common in teenagers and usually disapears completely by the time a person is in his/her late twenties. So what gives? Once more for old time’s sake? Not cool, Sleep. Not cool.