I love my balcony. There isn’t much out here right now, an empty flower pot and two chairs, but it has potential. I think I’ll put some some plants out here (and see just how long I can keep them alive, the poor things) and maybe a table. Perhaps some candles. Something, I don’t know. It’ll look nice when it’s done.

Doesn’t really matter how it looks, the important thing is that I’m sitting on my balcony as I type this, watching the sun set and enjoying a bit of fresh air as I try to figure out what to say.

I’m worried and I’m over-thinking (my god, what a girl). I’m worried that perhaps I opened my mouth when I shouldn’t have, that I didn’t when I should have. That I, once again, didn’t think before acting or speaking, that things are getting weird and messy. And oh my god, now I’m just annoying myself.

Is there anything worse than a blogger that babbles on without explaining herself?

No, obviously.

Broken Flowers arrived today in the mail. Such a great movie, I’m ridiculously excited to watch it. But not tonight. I’m shocked to say it, and I’m afraid of jinxing myself by even writing this, but I think I may be tired. Even tired enough to fall asleep at a normal hour. Crazy, right? We’ll see how things go.