Things I’ve realized I love even more than I had previously thought…

Red peppers, pink plaid, Photoshop textures that look like upholstery fabric or wallpaper, dark chocolate, lists, Tim Gunn, buying used dvds on Ebay, Victorian-inspired fashion, lizards.

What a wonderful surprise!

I feel like the world gathered itself  and offered up a wonderful gift this afternoon right when I needed it most, when the office was too bright and too quiet, and I had way too much work to do and my head was splitting open and my jaw was painfully clenched. I took a moment to check out one of my favorite sites, DrawerGeeks, and found this week’s theme was…ninja! Oh, I laughed for a long time and my day was completely saved. Truly a beautiful moment.

Speaking of buying dvds on Ebay…

I went a smidge crazy this morning and got a few dvds (Shopgirl, Broken Flowers, and Night of the Living Dead) that I had been wanting for awhile, and I got them for so cheap! I love you, Ebay!

What on earth is going on?

I got so little sleep last night, and this whole week for that matter. I was so tired at work today that I kept running into corners and half forgetting where my desk was (turns out it was right where I was sitting), and yet here it is, nearly 11:00 at night, and I’m wide awake. I could, and will be, up for hours and be fine. Until tomorrow. Cursed insomnia.