Who the hell wants to move to New Jersey? (AKA: Guest Blogger Strikes Again)

    Moving. And ok, I don’t have a knife? Where the hell did my peeler go? My clocks don’t work! Demon hell madness die die die ! Altercation! My kitties are more adjusted than I am.  My room is still white, Pockets is at fault, and Mr. Bingmar is missing!  All I know is that Mr. Bingmar was supposed to be a interior designer in another life, but now he is strapped down with the wonderfulness that is munchkins and homebrew.  Once again Pockets is at fault, but payment will not proceed until a well balanced color swatch comes alive in my living quarters.  Until then the ransom is set and held by Marcoda.

signed, the guy who WILL supposedly paint my bedroom? Maybe? I hope? Please?