Guest blogger! (This is where I would link to his blog if he had one. Instead, here is a list of brews to accessorize the modern hipster. Enjoy.)


OK, I guess I’m on the spot to write something of great value for the world to see.  Or at least for Marcoda and Jess. 

So here it is.  There are many truths in life, and many more half truths, but the one thing that really needs to be said these days is that we all need to appreciate and support our communities. 

You may ask what exactly is “my community”.  Well, besides being any group of people whom you feel shares common interests, or the world population as a whole, I feel that your community consists of people who you care about and care about you.  It may be your neighbor, it may be your long time friend, or it may be your family. 

What needs to be said is that in these hard times for everyone, there is one thing we all must rely on.  Our kinship to great people.  No matter what we endure, as long as we stick together, whether it be old friend or new, our lives can remain rich and full. 

So keep expressing yourself Jess and Marcoda, because you are those great people and our commuity has a strength which has not yet even begun to be tapped.  Hopefully one day I can be a blogger like you.