Earlier my head was a jambalaya of creative blog ideas (and shrimp) for today’s entry, but then I stumbled upon old pictures hidden on my hard drive and there went the evening. Tricky time-sucking technology. So! Let’s see, what happened today, in list form, only interesting to myself, and even that’s a stretch…

Currently listening to, repeatedly:

  • The Woman With The Tattooed Hands, Atmosphere
  • All Over Again, Bill Mike
  • Unsingable Name, Mike Doughty
  • Starman, Seu Jorge
  • Spaceball Richochet, T.Rex
  • Modern Girl, Sleater-Kinney
  • Shampoo Suicide, Broken Social Scene

For lunch, I amused myself with:

  • Eating tomato soup and a cilantro, hummus and red pepper sandwich from Panera (then remembering I hate cilantro)
  • Drinking coffee, which did nothing to wake me up, cursed coffee and cursed day
  • Drooling over these octopus plates from my favorite store in the entire world, Anthropologie
  • Also drooling over this gorgeous wood table
  • Oh, did I mention the drooling that occurred because of this dress?
  • Yes, I’m a girl and am capable of great bursts of girlishness. Thank you for asking.

Random thoughts from today:

  • All five of my pets are crazy. I wonder what that says about me?
  • The next person who asks me if I’m ready for tomorrow’s snowstorm and laughs is getting smacked. Hard.
  • Wow, people sure are snippy today! If I had any sense at all I’d keep my mouth shut and not egg on already agrivated snippers. (Yeah, because I have that much tact and common sense…)
  • Picture frames! Scrapbooking paper! Bathroom decorating is done!
  • As far as white wines go, this one makes me want to cut out my tongue with a rusty nail clipper. Bummer.
  • I love David Bowie.


Miss J is one gorgeous girl.

I can’t count how many times in the past decade and a half that Marcoda has given me this exact pursed-lip look of exasperation. Jaden really is Mini-Marcoda.