I’ve been pondering what to write about my divorce for awhile now. It’s tricky because I’m not about to trash anyone here (except for Rilo Kiley, but that’s only because they deserve a bit of trash talk for Under The Blacklight), but it’s also been a large part of my life for the last couple months so I can’t just ignore it.

And yet, I almost can. Really, it was such a long time coming that when Dan and I decided to get divorced I wasn’t surprised or shocked in any way. And then everything happened so quickly that I never really had time to think about it. It just was. It just is. And now I’ve moved on with my life and the entire marriage seems like it was such a long time ago. I felt single (or at least not married) for a very long time before we decided to divorce, so there wasn’t much of an adjustment. (Well, other than going from living in a house that I really didn’t like and being stressed much too often to living in an apartment I love and being much happier.) Dan and I were pretty much just roommates who fought a lot when we were together. It wasn’t going to last and I had accepted that a LONG time ago.

Although part of me wanted to stay just because the thought of being single again was terrifying (especially when all of my friends are married or engaged) I would much rather be happy and single than unhappy and married any day. Marriage is supposed to last forever (well, you know, until you die or whatever) and forever is a very long time to not be happy and in love.

And so, I feel satisfied that we made the right decision.

Here is a picture of two of my cats cuddling. Just because!


In other news, this one will no longer be called Banjo. She is now Luna. (Thank you for the perfect suggestion, Maranda!) So it has been written…