Feeling a smidge growly today. Everything is breaking and annoying me (stupid fecking systems won’t run my stupid fecking reports) or depressing me (loved the early morning doom and gloom “the economy sucks and we’re all going to die” work meeting today) or causing me too much stress (See above. And above that.). I’m not pleased with you today, world. Take note: stop it already. Go bug someone else.

After work I have a whole list of annoying (word of the day; I think I preferred Friday’s “crazy”) tasks to complete. See, by saying tasks to complete rather than junk to do or crap that can’t be avoided any longer I feel vaguely like I’m on a quest. A quest to get my oil changed and go to the bank and buy crickets for my toads and move the rest of the junk from the old house and drive (96 miles round trip) to my parent’s house. Just like James Bond. Or a viking!

Alright. Enough complaining, I’m over it. A long drive means lots of coffee (woo!) and loud music in my car (woo!) and maybe I’ll toss in some This American Life for variety. And when I finally get home tonight I think I’ll treat myself to a pedicure* and Saved**.


*Is it warm enough for sandals*** yet?

**Don’t know why, just feel like watching it.

***No really. Sandals? Soon?