Alright, yes, this isn’t much of a post. It’s a couple photos I managed to sneak in after work today. I was struck by the photography lightning bolt for the first time in a long time, and there I was, stuck at work as the sun slowly set, leaving me with about 45 minutes of decent light. And, unlike St. Paul, the western suburbs are photographically boring. Depressing. All big houses and identical trees. (My god, just stab me in the face. Go ahead.) I’m so bored.

And I’m in a bad mood. Like when I sit down at my computer, a (digital) pile of potential photos and Photoshop at the ready, and yet end up with nothing I tend to end up in a bad mood. And when I traipse through the snow in heels (just came from work, remember) (and, well, I actually enjoy traipsing through the snow with my camera, heels or no) and the result is sad and pathetic, my mood swings towards melancholy.

So! This weekend I’m striking out…somewhere to take photos of…something. Elsewhere. During the day. And only four more days of mind numbing monotony and not enough daylight to get through first.