Peer pressure, huh, Marcoda? Oh, you haven’t seen the half of it! Just give it a few months; you’ll have that third kid and third cat I’m trying to push on you.

Oh my god, kidding! Stop with the evil eyes of evilness and doom! (No, I can’t see you right now, but I know that look.)

So, I’m doing NaBloPoFoMoGo again this month. Yay? Alright, I’m mostly doing it to design NaBloPoMo badges (look to your left and slightly up) (on the computer screen), but still, I’m enjoying myself.

By the way, this entry reads a bit better if you’re listening to Bill Mike‘s “All Over Again”, my second favorite Bill Mike song, on repeat over and over again (heh). It’s speaking to me, or something, right now. Love that song. And love Bill Mike.

I was a bit bored this afternoon and decided to dig through some of my old England photos. Behold!


London’s Burning!


No wait, that’s Oxford. And real life, not a Clash song. But still!