I was going to start this earlier (it’s almost ten right now) but I was struck by the sudden, undeniable desire to paint my kitchen brown (I have brown paint, thus brown). I have so much painting to do, and this desire strikes so rarely (very rarely; I can’t stress that enough) that I felt I had to take advantage of it. I vaguely recall planning on going to bed early today after sleep-walking through most of the day following last night’s lack of sleep (thank you unpacking, anal retentive capricorn nature and extremely loud nocternal feline roommates who woke me up at five this morning and wouldn’t let me return to sleep) but painting! How can I sleep when the kitchen is still unpainted? How?

See, paint a bit, blog a bit. At this rate I should be done, well, I guess that depends on how much I have to say, but what I wouldn’t give for my own personal maseuse right now. Too much painting and moving and lifting and carrying and stress combined with not enough sleep has left me sore and grumpy. I’m in desperate need of a massage and a bottle of wine. On the other hand, my apartment looks awesome! Ok, paint a bit.

Alright, things are coming along nicely. Well, except for that paint sploch on the ceiling; if anyone asks, it wasn’t me.

My god, I love having my own place again. It’s quiet, it’s clean, it’s currently lit largely by the laptop, many candles (Everything is better by candle light, even painting, hence the blob on the ceiling. That totally wasn’t put there by me. Really.) and the glowing head. (Literally. It’s a head and it glows. The glowing head.) The TV’s off, Lily Allen’s on, the cats are chilling. And…paint!

Oh my god, I am so losing interest in this whole silly painting thing. Plus the brown is making the already ugly yellow counter even more yellow and ugly. Bummer, that.

Things I would rather be doing than painting right now:

  • Downloading the amazing new actions being offered by one of my favorite bloggers/photographers, Sheye Rosemeyer. Need a bit more money first, though.
  • Entering more of my books into Library Thing. I have some entered (as you can see if you click on the link) but there’s always more.
  • Sleeping.

Instead I’m going to paint…now!

Hm, just dripped a ton of paint on the counter, then almost fell off the counter. Am I done yet?

Oh thank god, I’m done!  And lucky thing, too, as I’m getting tired and cranky and starting to do a really bad job. It’s 11:10, so it took me a bit over an hour to do the kitchen, not bad. Thank you for joining me on this sad journey and have a lovely evening. The end.