I love that song. But really? Where is my mind today? And yesterday? Did I leave it smushed under my mattress (now laying on the floor in my dining room until I find and move into a new apartment)? Or did it drown in a particularly robust white Russian? Do I have zombies on the brain so much that I’m now suffering from a nasty case of zombie brain? Is that even possible? And if zombie brain is the opposite of hamster brain (which I’m assuming it is), how is it possible that I’m suffering from both simultaneously? Today is wasted on me. As was Sunday when the world seemed very flat and far away and I had to translate everything a few times in my head before I could begin to understand it (English what? Who?)  and I was having trouble remembering my own name. I may have drooled a bit, too.

Time to get more sleep, methinks.

I was going to say something else, but I’ve completely forgotten what (shocking!) so never mind. Perhaps it had something to do with paint (Pink for the bathroom, green for the kitchen/living room, but what about the bedroom?), or my new socks (knee-high stripes). Or how I should start packing tonight but I really don’t want to. (Do people ever want to pack? And if they do, could they pack for me?)

And now I have Where Is My Mind stuck in my head, so my few remaining thoughts have been tuned out. Go read Daisy Owl instead.

Or check out The Bible Summarized by a Smart Ass if you’re particularly bored and looking for some amusement. You’re certainly not going to find any here. Not today…