Currently keeping my fingers crossed that I got the adorable apartment that I very much want. I should find out this afternoon or Monday whether I got it or not (please please please!!!). It’s really cute, the perfect size and in a great location. Ok, it’s a bit closer to the former in-laws than I would like, but I’ll deal. I guess.

So! Next steps. I must get some bookshelves ASAP as I have a lot of books (see below; that’s only some of my books) and no shelves.


Also realized: I can’t wait to paint my bathroom pink! The last two times I had my own bathroom I painted it pink and it was so pretty and girly. This is one of the first things I have planned for my new place. What can I say, every once in a while my girly side rears her crazy pink head. I’m mildly tempted to do my entire apartment pink, à la my hero (regardless of what Dr. Temperence Brennan says about hero worship) Betsey Johnson. Might clash with my red kitchen stuff, though.

Jane Mansfield had some lovely ideas as well.


Nothing says class like pink shag. I truly believe that…