So much to say! I have a beautiful new laptop, lovingly anachronistically named Quill, and she’s perfect.  And the world, it is rejoicing. Rejoice with us, will you? Quill and I, we’re a perfect match, we are.

And a bit of techno perfection I need right now, as Dan and I are getting a divorce. I’m going to be a twenty-eight-year-old divorcee. With three cats. I’m going to be the crazy cat lady, and I’m oddly ok with it. But look at my beautiful laptop, perfection curled up on my lap, along with Neo and next to Banjo! Mags prefers his own loveseat, the snob.

Frick. I have so much to say and no clue where to start. So? Quill. She’s pretty. And soon she’ll have Photoshop on her, the perfect accessory.