I’ve been having a hell of a time updating lately because 97% of my brain has been focused on the one topic I don’t feel like blogging about right now, the one big, cruddy, completely distracting, life-altering topic that has kept me from focusing on anything else (including sleep) for the past week. Well enough on that; I’m sure if I dredge through my muddled brain I can come up with something else.

I finally got my work bonus! And promptly spent it! But, it was nice while it lasted and will always be fondly remembered as those two days or so during which I had money. My big bonus plan (and thank you for the money-spending tips, Marcoda) was to hop on the electronics buying bandwagon and buy a new laptop, so Dan and I went shopping (at the laptoppery?). I didn’t find anything interesting at the first place we went, so we swung into Best Buy. Again nothing, but I was totally frusterated from not finding anything so I did what any logical person who suddenly finds herself (sort of) swimming in dough does.

I bought a new iPod. Isn’t it cute?


Quite obviously, yes. So then I took my adorable new iPod (cute!) home and proceded to hop on the computer and buy a new laptop. Because sometimes a new iPod just isn’t enough. So yay! New laptop! Less yay: new laptop still isn’t in my possession. But I got a really good deal and it should be here in a few days. So, yay!


I can’t wait to spiffy up my new laptop (yay!) with pretty pictures and make it look lovely. But such a hard decision as to which cover. I’m thinking this one:



Or may be this one (I REALLY like this one):



I also paid bills! Oh wait, forget the exclamation mark at the end of that. There was no excitement, there was no glee. There was only bill paying.

Oh, I also got a haircut. Again. But I really like it now because it’s all short and spikey in the back and I think it looks pretty cute. Of course I also think zombies are cute so I’m probably not the best judge. But still, new haircut!

And on that happy note, back to work!