If I were at the state fair, I would have just paid $6.50 for heaven on a stick. I’m sitting in bed in my new bright red pjs, courtesy of my mother-in-law, watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force on the portable dvd player that Dan and I bought Noah for his birthday, blogging, and drinking whisky and coke out of a butterfly mug. Heaven. On a stick. Hell yeah.

This has been a Very Good Christmas. For reasons which I will outline tomorrow when I’m less distracted by Aqua Teen Hunger Force in bed.

But first must mention my amazing Christmas Moment:

I have a brother-in-law, my sister-in-law’s husband, whom I highly respect but have had nothing but really awkward moments with (he’s very smart and very serious; I’m pseudo wanna be smart and never serious). I absolutely love Aqua Teen Hunger Force and have for a very long time. I even have the Aqua Teen Huger Force theme song as the ringer on my phone. Very Serious Brother-In-Law bought me the Aqua Teen Huger Force movie for Christmas, making him my favorite person ever. He then admitted to not only knowing the show, but liking the show. I love him! In an in-law sort of way. Very cool.  And only one of many very cool moments I’ve had this Christmas. Merry Christmas!!!