It’s been so long since I’ve gotten sick (I’m hardly what one might call “a model of health”, but it’s been a really long time since I was actually sick) that I forgot how quickly colds come on. One minute I was sitting on the couch watching Bones with Dan, drinking a glass of water and feeling fine. The next minute I put down the glass and realize that damn! I’m getting that weird tingly gross feeling in the back of my nose/throat that means I’m getting sick. It just appeared like that and it’s getting progressively worse. I’m to the point now where my entire head feels like painful, crunchy Styrofoam and blinking hurts and my mouth tastes thick and the top of my mouth feels like pain-flavored molasses. My body hurts and typing hurts and takes way too much effort and I’m tired but I can’t sleep when I’m sick so I’m up typing this. And I complain a lot. Really a lot. God, just shut up already, it’s just a cold! Big baby. But it hurts and I don’t like it and I have a bunch of stuff to do this week for stupid Christmas and I have to fly to Michigan on Monday. Crud.