I’m spending, worst case scenario: one week, best case scenario: two days, at a different office to “learn stuff” and “gain experience”. In actuality I’m “wasting time”, “learning nothing”, and “becoming really annoyed”. And in those two sentences I used up the world’s allotment of scare quotes. Sorry about that, world.

Seriously, I’m all about wasting time but I prefer to do it in a less boredom-inducing way, such as reading Harry Potter fan fiction or watching four straight hours of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. At least there are plusses to my current situation (even if my current situation is sadly lacking Meat Wad, sigh); this place is filled with really nice people! I want to hug them all and squeeze their little cheeks and tell them I love them. And, even better than that (if that’s possible) is my awesome, fifteen minute commute! No matter how you look at it, a fifteen minute commute is substantially better than an hour-long commute. Especially when it’s snowy and slippery outside, as is the current weather and road situation. Stupid snow.

So, plusses and minuses. And, sadly enough, a big cube-shaped hole in my heart where my desk should be. I miss my desk! I want to go back to my own office! How pathetic is that? If this were summer camp, this would be the part where I call my mommy, crying and begging her to bring me home because I wanna sleep in my own bed (sniff) and I miss my stuffed t-rex, Gary. And…now I feel awkward.

I don’t do well outside of my comfort zone, to put it lightly. And I’m way outside of my comfort zone right now. These people keep talking to me and telling me stuff. They make a career out of communicating with people, apparently not realizing that I’ve made a career out of burying myself in Excel files and numbers and largely ignoring everyone. These people don’t even listen to iPods at work because they’re too busy talking on the phone! To people! My stomach feels weird.