Dagoba Organic Chocolate Bars, in Xocolatl (rich dark chocolate chilies and nibs): Normally I don’t like spicy food seeing as I don’t like pain, but this stuff is so tasty! And the little chili nibs give it a cool crunchy texture. This is an awesome choice when you feel like spending $4 on a candy bar. You can find them, if you’re so inclined, at World Market.

Hummus: Mmm…I could, and do, eat hummus on everything, making it the most versatile food in existence. My favorite combinations are hummus and baby carrots, and hummus and Morning Star fake bacon sandwiches.

California Pizza Kitchen Frozen “White” Pizzas: Really? Is “white” considered a flavor now? According to CPK, yes; I would call it the spinach pizza or something. But that’s just me and I don’t own a multi-million dollar company so you probably shouldn’t put too much stock into my opinions, in my most humble of opinions. Either way, it’s tasty. The end.