I just created a poster for a co-worker’s Thanksgiving party. It says:

Only Turkeys Drink and Drive

Don’t be a Turkey!

(Because you know what happens to turkeys around Thanksgiving…)

I am wholly of the the opinion that any good party, even if it’s a Thanksgiving day celebration, should have the potential to need posters such as this.

Does this make me sound like a crazy lush? Ah well, such is life. I really, really don’t have anything to say today. Plus I have a headache from my untreated TMJ, which is so common that I almost don’t notice the headaches anymore. Almost, except that I do. And they hurt. I would love to get this treated, but my insurance doesn’t cover anything related to TMJ, including the trip to urgent care I made when my jaw locked up completely and I kind of panicked. Yup, had to pay for that myself, not that the doctor could do anything other than tell me I need to see a TMJ specialist, which my insurance won’t cover and I can’t afford.

Hey Canada? Can I come live with you?