I live a block from a very busy train track, and although I can rarely hear the train (well, I can hear it, but not to a level that would ever disrupt or annoy me) all passing trains do shake and rattle my poor, hundred-year-old house. And I like it. It makes me feel…connected, for lack of a better word. It’s my physical Internet; I’m connected to the rest of the world by that train track.

That’s one of the things I’ll miss most when we move (when we move) is the connection to the rest of the world that living near the city has. I only have to walk a couple blocks and, on a clear night, I can see downtown St. Paul. I can see the state capital. It reminds me of when I lived in Minneapolis. I only had to leave my apartment building to see the buildings of downtown Minneapolis. I could walk to the heart of downtown Minneapolis in five minutes, and I miss that. I’m a city girl at heart, and the thought of living in the suburbs kind of makes me wilt a bit.

From where I live now, I can be at several St. Paul Irish pubs in a matter of minutes. Nice, authentic St. Paul ones, too, not the rip-off suburb versions. And I kind of want that for my kids, too; not the pubs, but that connection to the rest of the world that the suburbs don’t offer. But at the same time I want my kids to be able to ride their bikes up and down  the street in front of our house without me freaking out, and I want my kids to attend a nice suburban school.

PS: I would like to mark this as the five millionth day that I’ve written my blog entry with a needy, manipulative black kitty curled up in my lap. Any of those “dog people” who say that cats aren’t cuddly have obviously never met a cat before in their lives. Freaks.