Dan and I went to the Wild game tonight (that’s hockey, for those who, like me, suffer from sports apathy). I can officially say that I enjoyed myself much more than I expected to; I can’t wait for our next game! We have two more planned for this season, one in December for Dan’s birthday, and one in February in Chicago (the Wild vs. whoever the Chicago team is [note to self: find out who the Chicago team is before February]) with a couple friends. And if the tickets weren’t so expensive I would be willing to attend more, especially since I’m working on convincing Dan to buy me a Derek Boogaard (my hockey crush; I’m so into tall [dude’s 6′ 8″!!!], violent hockey players!) jersey. See, Derek is an “enforcer”, which means his entire job is to kick the other team’s collective ass. Now that’s sports I can get behind!


ps: The Wild totally won! And not only won, but went into overtime, then won in a shoot out! It was like a movie! I expected Emilio Esteves to skate out near the end.