I’m having a Scrubs and Wine-a-thon sleepover at Marcoda’s house tonight, effectively combing all of my favorite things: Scrubs, wine and my adorable godson Jonas. (No, we are not combining the wine and the baby together, although between his spitting up and Jaden’s spinning and falling down this place does have a hardcore frat house vibe.)

How’s this for accomplished? We managed to buy five bottles of (decent) wine for less than $20! Rock! And we totally plan on killing all five bottles tonight! Oh, kidding, kidding. That’s just silly. Not that we couldn’t do it, of course. We’re nothing if not skilled in the art of wine drinking.

Part of this skill is planning ahead. We also have both taken a half day tomorrow at work, so we don’t have to drag ourselves into work until noon. Again, rock. You know you’re jealous of our mad planning skills.

I’d love to blame this lackluster blog entry on the wine, but the wine consuming hasn’t quite commenced yet. Leaving all blame upon…me. Sigh.