Ha! It’s funny! Thanks for posting that, Marcoda. It saved the day, by doing its job and giving me an idea!

So, here’s my embarrassing confession inspired by that link up there: In high school, for a couple of months, I was on the danceline. Now, for anyone who knows me, trying out for the danceline was probably the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever had. I was (and still am) the most craptastic dancer who ever crapily danced. Seriously, I sucked. And still suck. On top of that, joining the danceline was so not something I would be into. Who the hell knows what I was thinking. I wish I could remember.

The dance season was broken into two sections, fall and spring (the big ol’ Competition Season). People who were decent, or could at least walk in a straight line when requested to do so, were accepted for both sections. The few people who were too hopeless for even this were only accepted into the first. I was one of three or so who were sucktastic enough to only make the first section. A proud moment for me, this was.

But apparently this was for the best, as the only clear memory I have of my entire time as a “dancer” was at a charity car wash we were holding to raise money for…something. Dance…equipment? All of the other girls were grouped together, giggling and gossiping while waiting for cars to arrive. I sat nearby on the curb reading a Star Trek: The Next Generation book and ignoring everyone.

I didn’t even finish the fall season. Instead I decided that drama was going to be my thing and quit danceline to be in the fall musical. I’m pretty sure the coach was relieved.