Imagine for a moment, if you will, the scary things I would do on this blog if I had my own kids. Oh, I pity my future kids and the things I will put them through for my own amusement. “Time to reenact the Bay of Pigs using Peeps, guys! Mama needs some new blog fodder!” (See, I would dress the kids up as Peep Soldiers and take pictures. And then leave them to raise themselves, still dressed as Peeps, while I play around on Photoshop. I can’t WAIT to be a mom!)

And this is the part of my blog where I annoy all parents of young children; I spent the vast, vast, vast majority of the weekend curled up on the couch in my pajamas watching various TV shows on DVD and eating cereal. Well, after I dragged my butt out of bed well into the day. It was AWESOME!

Now I’m blogging and downloading music. I’ll probably go to bed soon, or maybe not. Doesn’t really matter; once I go to bed the only thing that will possibly wake me up between now and tomorrow morning (when I wake up fifteen minutes before I have to leave because I only have to get myself dressed and out the door) are my cats.