Here is a picture I took in Wisconsin of an old, abandoned building.

My husband is going to buy it for me for Christmas. Or…I wish he was going to buy it for me for Christmas. One of those two. I would turn it into a lovely bed and breakfast. No, wait. I don’t actually like people and really don’t want them in my house. Ok, I would turn it into a lovely home for Dan, our future kids, Noah and me. It would have a brewery in the basement where Dan could brew his Friskey Goat, and Noah would have his own room with a craft table, and somewhere in the house would be a kick-ass nursery for Dan’s and my hypothetical baby. Can a nursery be described as kick ass? In my fantasy, in which we buy this awesome abandoned house, it can. So there.

The area around this building is so beautiful. Very quiet, and it’s on a hill that has a couple other houses and a gorgeous church-type place. See?

Across the dirt road is a cute little house with a red garage.

The entire hill is in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin on a curvy road with little traffic. It’s tranquile and ideal and all those other lovely things. I rather like it.

Thus endeth my fantasy.