The Election:

I’m a bit suspicious, so I will just say I’m cautiously very optimistic. And squeeing a bit, but not loudly enough to jinx anyone. Hopefully.

The Cats:

One of my cats will soon be turned into a lovely pair of socks if she doesn’t stop scratching on my door all night. Because of my husband’s asthma we keep the cats out of our bedroom (which, yes, still makes me sad and teary) and one of my kitties, Neo, doesn’t like it one bit. So she scratches at the door and claws at the door and meows at the door and headbutts the door and hisses at the door all night long. Nothing will detract her. Nothing. And since we live in an oddly laid out old house, there isn’t really any way to keep her from the door without locking all three cats in our very small dining room all night. Which I’m not willing to do, for obvious reasons, the number one being I’m not heartless and cruel. Such are the problems of my difficult life. Pity me, please.

The TV:

Totally digging season one of 30 Rock. Oh wait, what? Everyone else already knows what an awesome show this is and has been watching it for a long time? Well excuse me for being a late bloomer. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy a training bra.

Happy Election Day, everyone!