I’m so excited! I just bought two of the cutest prints from a wonderful seller, MarmeeCraft, on my favorite site, Etsy. Looky (the “marmeecraft” bit is a watermark and isn’t actually on the prints):


I just love adorable artsy stuff like this, stuff that makes me giggle and swoon from the cuteness. The cuteness! Ah Etsy, you bring me so much joy.

We are on Vegan Watch Day 8 and things are still going very well (and you can see just how little I update this thing). I’ve discovered all sorts of fun and interesting foods, including a way to make a vegan Colorado Bulldog! Rock! And although I wouldn’t call this vegan business easy, I would say it’s been been easier than I had expected. I think I may stretch this little experiment out until I get pregnant, because although I’m enjoying being vegan, I definitely don’t want to deal with pregnancy and the subsequent complete lack of alcohol without my cheese crutch. That’s just not cool.