So, did you know that Monday is Labor Day and that I don’t have to work? Maybe you should have told me as I had no idea. I mean, I had some vague understanding that Labor Day was coming up soon, but it really didn’t click that I would have the day off of work. Dur and stuff. Well, that’s a nice surprise! Dan will be out of town camping (again, this time with a friend) from Sunday until Tuesday so not only do I have a three-day weekend, I also have the house to myself! Rock! Vegan spaghetti and Photoshop for all!

Yes, I said vegan spaghetti. As of this morning, I am officially a vegan for the next week, and longer if it goes well. No, this wasn’t a spur of the moment plan; I actually came up with the idea yesterday, thank you very much. It’s something that I’ve tossed around in my brain for quite awhile, but never seriously considered. I’ve been a vegetarian for seventeen years so I guess it seems like the next logical step? Maybe? Of course I’m setting a scary precedent for myself. Who knows what hair-brained scheme I will come up with seventeen years from now, just to continue the trend. Beware, Future Jessie.

There are several reasons I’ve been considering doing this, such as I eat horribly unhealthily, even as a vegetarian, and this will force me to pay more attention to the food I’m stuffing into my mouth. Also, I rarely cook, prefering to go out or microwave something. This will make me actually stay home and cook, since it will be easier than going out and trying to figure out what I can and can’t eat. I’m all about easy. Plus, I really like many foods that are considered vegan, so why not?

So far it’s going very well. It’s only been about ten hours since I got up this morning, but still, it’s been a successful ten hours.