Dan and Noah are going camping today and tomorrow in some vaguely near-by state park-type area, which means Party At My Place!!! And by party, I obviously mean me, the cats, spaghetti (ooh, that sounds good!), HGTV and a smattering of Photoshop. Ooh, maybe some Sims! Sounds like a swell time, if you ask me. I’m quite excited.

I’m debating listening to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on my iPod. It’s there, all ready to go, but I’m so sleepy today, and most of my co-workers are gone so it’s very quiet in here. And cold. So very cold in here. Half-Blood Prince is kind of depressing, and I just don’t know if that’s what I really should be listening to right now. It will make me moody and I’m already in a pissed-off mood. On the other hand, it is Harry Potter…

Still very little going on in my life, apparently. If my cats could talk (well, if they could speak English, I should say), they would say this:

more animals

Harry Potter it is, then. You’ve been warned.

Just found out that one of my very liberal, very pro-Obama co-workers has to spend most of next week at the Republican National Convention for work (not entirely sure what exactly he has to do there, but better him than me!). He was the first to point out the irony…poor guy. And damn Republican National Convention.