Through a vast and complicated series of events I have procured a silver slinky from an absent co-worker’s desk and it seriously has changed my life. I had no clue that a slinky could keep my attention for such a long time; I have gotten very little work done since the slinky showed up on my desk was stealthily obtained yesterday.

The following will only makes sense to my co-workers. But strangely enough, it would make sense to my co-workers. What a weird bunch.

The slinky was originally on my “twin’s” desk, but since she’s gone, Pablo Husmano, who is currently in town from Logistics West Coast, has been sitting at her desk and playing with the slinky. Loudly. Very loudly. Loudly enough to annoy Fraulein, who sits across the room. So Fraulein has finally had enough, storms over, and steals the slinky, which eventually ends up on my desk. And now I’m loudly and annoyingly playing with it. I think I may be bugging Gopher, but who really cares. She’s a gopher.

Can you tell there’s very little going on in my life right now?