My two-year wedding anniversary is coming up in two-and-a-half months (ok, so it’s still a ways away), so of course we’re already making plans on what to do. What can I say? I’m restless and would really like to go somewhere, and Dan is smart enough to know he should make this happen if he wants any peace in the next two-and-a-half months. 

Well, flying is too expensive (at the moment, Dairy Queen is too expensive) and since we live in the middle of nowhere (Thanks, Midwest. You rock at sucking.), anywhere interesting is a good 1,000 miles away. Thus, driving is out of the question. 

But! Dan found a really cute inn/brewery in southern Wisconsin called Brewery Creek that’s not too expensive, so we’re staying there for a few days in October. Apparently Mineral Point, WI, (the location of the inn) is one of the oldest towns in Wisconsin and is littered with adorable historic buildings and houses. Plus, well, there’s a brewery at the inn, and the inn owners have a cat, so I’m pretty certain that Dan and I chose the right place. Good find, Dan!

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I’ve been listening to Harry Potter at work on my iPod the last few days, and I’ve gotten so much work done! I am the Productivity Queen! All hail me and my amazing productivity-ness!

But, alas, I’ve run out of Harry Potter and music just isn’t filling the void. My productivity has plummeted. I’ve spent a good chunk of today looking out the window and checking to see how expensive plane tickets to France are (Answer: Very Expensive).  Sigh, I’m bored.

On top of that people keep calling me and emailing me, asking me to do things for them. I find this very irritating. Sure, it’s my job and they’re well within their right to request that I help them, but still. Knock it off! Don’t you realize I’m out of Harry Potter? I can’t help you!

ps: I blame all of this on Marcoda. Not only did she give me the audio files, but many, many years ago (and I’m not sure if she remembers this), probably around the time the second or third book was just coming out, she was the one who introduced me to the Harry Potter books. I thought the whole thing was just an annoying fad until this point. So yeah. Vengeance will be had. Possibly in the form of…A DRAGON! (Oh sorry, don’t know how a Scrubs reference got caught in the middle a Harry Potter rant.) (And I’m still waiting for someone to make a Scrubs/Harry Potter crossover movie.) (Although the dragon is relevant to the whole Harry Potter thing, although I wasn’t planning on my revenge being that violent. I was thinking more like a mocha or a sandwich or something.)

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My brother Bradley and I always used to always pretend we were the Wonder Twins. He would always become “form of a dragon!” and then I would want to be a dragon too but he said I’d be something made of water so I’d be like, “shape of an ice dragon!” and then he would say I was copying him and he would breathe on me and I would have to melt but it was still so… awesome.” —Elliot Reid in Scrubs

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