More than 1,600 miles in a minivan in five days. That’s all the details you need.

Friday: We left early-ish, although not as early as we had planned because of Father-In-Law’s appendix issues (as in, it had to come out the day before we left). Yes, Father-In-Law went in for surgery the day Thursday afternoon and still drove along with us (well, he sat, slept and took drugs, but I’m still impressed). We drove to New Glarus, WI, (America’s Little Switzerland) which is a tiny Swiss-influenced town somewhere in the southwest quadrant of Wisconsin. Very cute, and dude, we had fondue for dinner. That alone makes the entire trip worthwhile. We then got back in the car and drove to our hotel in some random Chicago suburb. I believe we drove for approximately 10 hours that day.

Saturday: Back in the car. We drove north into Indiana and spent about half an hour playing in the sandy beach and dunes around Lake Superior. We then kept driving (and driving and driving) until we got to Ann Arbor, MI, where we stayed with my brother-in-law Nate, and his fiance, Selena. They recently moved to the area and bought a cute fixer-upper house. Ann Arbor is definitely a college town! Nate brought us on a tour of the University of Michigan (where he’s a professor), which is beautiful and has an awesome Oxford-looking law school.

Sunday: We spent a couple hours at sister-in-law’s second reception (her husband’s wonderful, incredibly nice family is from Ann Arbor, so they had a picnic for everyone who couldn’t make the trip to MN for the wedding) then Dan, Noah and I left for Chicago around 5:30. We stopped a few times along the way for food and whatnot and arrived at our hotel around eleven.

Monday: Chicago (more on this in another entry).

Tuesday: Chicago, then we left for home around 3:30 or so, drove and drove and drove, and arrived home around midnight. Oh my god the driving. I was so eager to get home, and was within miles, only to find that all of our exits were closed. I couldn’t get off the highway! Damn roadwork. That would be the point in which I nearly lost it.

But huzzah, we made it.